Plan In Paradise Refund Policy



We want you to be fully satisfied with the Plan in Paradise Workshop in Jamaica. We know that if you
show up with the intention to learn and apply your new knowledge and connections that you will have
access to, you’ll get results. For specific cancellation and transfer guidelines for this Workshop, please
refer to the Terms and Conditions you agreed to at the time of purchase. (You can find the terms and
conditions here


For other inquiries email
[email protected].


Cancellation Policy for the Plan in Paradise Workshop
Since the Workshop will be in destination and in order to secure accommodations, confirm vendor and
venue participation and make appropriate arrangements for other elements of the experience, the
following are conditions of your booking as a participant to the Plan in Paradise Workshop:
Deposits are non refundable. All amounts paid up to the point of cancellation will be retained by the
Workshop to offset cancellation and administration fees.
Deposits can be transferred to another participant, however the Workshop host reserve the right to vet
the person/company that is being transferred in to ensure that they are a good fit.
No changes are permitted less than 46 days prior to arrival.


Please take a moment to review this policy thank you.